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Video by Clara
I've been documenting the effect that the brutal murders of Maddison Atkins and Adam Wilmott had on their community.

It seems to me that the story isn't quite over because every time I look closer at the details, mysterious events keep happening.

Monday, September 17, 2007

"God gave this building to the school, for a dollar" and other unsolved leads.

Dearest friends,

It has been far too long since we've heard any news from Linc or Rachel.
Tachyon recently replied to a query, but from the sounds of it, she may
be as confused as we are. (She sounds stressed. It has me worried.)

So, our current approach, rather than sit around and wait for things to
play out by themselves (as we all know how well that went last time), is


1. We're reviewing the recent communications we've seen from the parties
in involved, particularly the recordings from 10033's and Tachyon's
phones (which appear to have purely metaphorical meanings, but something
tells me there's more to them), and re-evaluating the large mashup that
Brother's video message to Tachyon (the forwarded video from Linc) lead
us to by way of a voicemail number leading to a tinyurl:

That recording, which we've dubbed the "Mashup of Doom", was originally
thought to have a message made up of the song titles. My wife and I, as
well as others in #maddison, suspect there may be more to it that we're
missing. So currently the code crackers in #maddison are hard at work
trying to solve this. At this moment, we're considering that there might
be two messages in it -- one for each of the stereo channels -- and that
they might be anagram-based. (Let's hope it's not a keyed cipher. We're
already getting a really late start on taking this seriously; solving
that quickly would be hard, given just how much work it's been to find
the songs, and sort them by channel and timestamp.)

To make that easier, tuesdayschild produced a version of the Mashup
O'Doom that is slowed down by 2x (and pitch-corrected so it sounds the
way it "ought" to.) I don't want to link directly to that file, as it's
hosted on an old web account of mine that I may not be authorized to
have anymore, but if anyone wants a copy, ping me or tuesdayschild, or
ask on #maddison.



We're also going back and reviewing the past evidence. Clara made
immense progress investigating the murders, and then was understandably
quite spooked when she encoutered Joel Frady's body on the trail,
bullet-hole between the eyes. As I mentioned before, he looks to have
been suicided. I don't blame Clara for wanting out -- if I were in her
shoes, I probably would too.

But, it leaves us lacking contact information for a number of people
we'd like to get in touch with. As I mentioned before, my godson Lorne
is willing and ready to go up to Nacogdoches, but first he needs to get
in touch with the people worth interviewing. If anyone reading this
knows Cynthia Frady, Duke Johnson, Joseph Wilmott, Gregory Atkins, or
people who might help us find them or any of the other information in my
last post, please contact me as soon as possible!

(We need to make sure our efforts are coordinated. Again, is the best way to reach me.)

There's one other thing we've been working on researching. This has been
more delicate, given that we don't want to drag more innocent people
into this if they don't need to be involved. But given that we don't
have Clara to work with, and I saw no other way of getting this contact
information, my "I can fake a Texas accent" linguist wife gave a certain
church in Rusk a call, and asked a few questions.

She told them she was trying to get in touch with her old babysitter,
whom she thinks was a member of their church at some point in time. (She
was asking about Judy Donald.) No luck.

She then asked about her old friend Renée, who has recently gotten
married and sadly, we weren't able to attend the wedding and now she
doesn't know Renee's married name (though she thought that her husband
might be named Scott.) Also no luck.

(The fellow we talked to was very friendly, but he didn't have the
information we needed. Contacting the church again is not a good idea --
we don't want to be harassing them, and we certainly don't want to spook
Scott or Renee [boy, do I wish Clara had gotten their last names], nor
do we want to scare Judy Donald or her family. She's probably the only
person who can help us find out the history of that building, and if we
lose that connection, it will be a dead end.)

The one useful bit of information we got from the fellow at the church
was confirmation that they do, indeed, broadcast their services on the
radio. He gave us the call-sign of the station, though I think he was
wrong about one of the letters, but I found a station that had a similar
call-sign, and after a few phonecalls, confirmed that they do, in fact,
broadcast their services. Where this might lead us, I'm not sure, but
I'm working on getting someone to record the services. Perhaps we could
reach out to Judy via a song dedication before the services start, or
something of that nature. I'll fill you in more once the plan is

In the mean time, please leave both the church and the radio station
While the people we spoke with were very helpful and friendly,
again, we don't want to spook anyone. (This is why I've left out the
identifying details here -- I don't want Google to pick them up.)

... but that said, if anyone reading this works at "Kay Dubya Arr Dubya" on
the FM band out of Rusk, perhaps you can help more than you realize. If
I don't hear from anyone at the station, I'll go ahead with the song
dedication. Suggestions from you, my readers, on what the short message
to have the DJ announce as the dedication would be rather helpful. It
needs to be 1) short, 2) not something the DJ can mangle and lose
meaning, 3) coherent enough that an 80-something home-bound woman who
has no reason to want to help us can recognize as meant for her, and 4)
give her a means of contacting someone so that we can talk more about
that building with her.

Also, anyone who is in the vicinity of that station and can record it off the air,
that would be very helpful as well. Plese let me know.


Lastly, as for those of you who are questioning my motives, I'll say it
again: I'm simply trying to stop a repeat of the tragedy we all
witnessed with Maddy and Adam. I've never had a chance to speak with
Linc or Rachel, and I pray that I will some day be able to sit down with
them and shoot the breeze, and laugh about how crazy all of this was.

(Oh, please, please, let them still be alive.)

With strength through optimism,

Yours sincerely,

Dr. T.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Introductions (hitting the ground running)

Greetings, friends of Maddy and Adam, Linc and Rachel. 

You know me as "ihavebeenimpure" on #maddison, and you met my lovely wife (whom you know as "tuesdayschild") when she helped solve the "J is for Jazz" puzzle yesterday. I hope to some day soon write a better introduction to myself here, but for now, I'm going to record (partially for those of you who were not in chat this evening, and partially for the sake of my memory) the results of our recent strategy discussions.

I have found myself compelled to assist you, after learning about the brutal murders of Maddison and Adam, and the disappearance of Rachel. I did not know Maddison or Adam -- though after watching their videos, despite knowing what was to come, they won my hearts as strongly as any Internet friend would have. I haven't been able to watch the video of their murders a second time. When Linc posted his call for help, I began to worry, and as the days have drawn on, the lack of word (either from Linc, Rachel, the people whom he was asking for help, or from the community as a whole) distressed me to the point that I decided breaking my customary silence was necessary. I do not like playing spy -- I never have, and I'm glad to be retired these days. But to know of an impending tragedy, and do nothing to stop it, is the same as facilitating it, in my opinion.

I have been forced to act by the inaction of others. I am hoping that this might galvanize the community of Maddison's friends, steel your resolve, and spur you on to prevent another senseless death. I risk my own life, and the life of my wife, to help a girl I have never met -- but I do not wish to have her blood on my conscience.

There's more to my story than I can go into here, and as I said at the beginning, this post is not intended to be about me. So without further exposition, I present to you our plan.

I have a friend of whom I am requesting a favor -- to travel to Nacogdoches and retrieve some answers that we (the IRC channel collectively) have identified as potentially important, and unsatisfactorily answered (if at all.) I trust this person as though he were my own son. (His mother and I were very close, once, as colleagues, and I have always been fond of him.) The fact that I am asking him to put himself in harm's way also attests to my resolve. I do not intend to allow Rachel to die.

Since the choice is ultimately his as to whether he will undertake this fact-finding pursuit, as it is also his choice whether to reveal his identity to you, I will not give away his name at this point. But our Man on the Ground will be seeking certain answers. Specifically:

1. Details of the trust fund that Bethany, Joel Frady's daughter, received. Who created this trust fund? Where did the money come from? How much of a sum are we talking about here, and when was the trust fund created? There must be a record of the financial transactions involved, and I believe this is the single clue most likely to lead us to learning more about the people behind these murders and/or their motives. As a wise man once said, "follow the money."

2. Secondly, we would like to obtain the coroner's report and autopsy results for Joel Frady. It appears that he committed suicide, but in the parlance of my former line of work, he could just have easily "been suicided." Any crime-scene information from the recovery of his body would be helpful, as would an interview with the responding officers.

3. We would also like to review his medical records from his time in the institution, his polygraph results, or any records regarding his state of mind -- particularly transcripts of his own words regarding the incident and the weeks before it. We cannot ask questions of the dead, but perhaps he has answered them already and we have not yet looked in the right places.

4. Information about his escape. There should be an incident report. How did he do it? Did he have help?

We are hoping that his ex-wife Cynthia will assist us with this information. It is my belief (as well as many others I've discussed this with) that Joel was not the person truly responsible for M&A's deaths, even though by all appearances he fired those horrible, fatal gunshots.

5. Transcripts of the court documents associated with the murder trial -- depositions, arrest reports, evidence reports relating to the case, and the details of the plea bargain. 

6. Autopsy results for Maddison and Adam, and any other evidentiary data that are relevant. 

If Cynthia Frady cannot help us with all of the above, we have other options. The Nacogdoches DA, Maddy's father, or possibly Frady's friend Duke might be able to assist with this. 

(I know that Duke seemed unwilling to discuss the incident in any detail, and he may very well be even more scared now, but my hope is that we can give him a level of exposure that makes silencing him difficult. That line of thinking did not work out well for Maddy, but given how this story has been resisting burial, I am hoping that by telling his story, Duke will in fact be protecting himself more than remaining silent.)

7. Access to Frady's hard drive. I know that the FBI could not recover anything, but that does not mean there is nothing there. Those of you who know a little about my background know that I have methods of data recovery not available to a typical crime lab.

8. Likewise, Maddy's hard drive. Even something as simple as email account information for either Maddy or Frady, if not yet tampered with, could provide us with more information.

9. The raw footage recovered at the Frady residence that the Nacogdoches DA referred to in his interview with Clara. I am particularly interested in learning what rest stop Maddy and Adam stopped at while passing through San Antonio, as there may be information there that has not been recovered by the police, given that the case appears quite open-and-shut to those who have not spent hours trying to make sense of the reasons for the killings and their possible connection to the disappearance of Linc and Rachel.

10. We would like to locate Joseph Wilmott. Neither Clara nor Marla have spoken with him, nor has anyone who has spoken with him been interviewed by any of us, to my knowledge. 

I am sure it will be painful for him to discuss this, seeing as his nephew and nephew's friend died after fleeing to seek refuge at his home, meeting their killer at his front door, but perhaps he may be able to answer some of our unanswered questions, or hazard a guess as to how Frady, or those manipulating him, knew to expect that Maddy would go to his home in a time of dire need.

I will keep you posted as our efforts progress. Currently I am attempting to locate the individuals named above, and will be contacting them as soon as I am able. In the mean time, there are many other angles to this mystery that need to be considered, and I encourage you to discuss them, both in the forums and in the IRC channel. (Do be careful to distinguish between your intuition/speculation, and known facts -- lest we not get led stray by false assumptions.)

Best regards,

Dr. T.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

15over15 Characters / Links

(text by Marlasinger, links by QtheC, and soon Modelmotion will update I'm sure...)

Little is known beyond the fact that he has contacted both Linc and Clara. will explain as much as I can; anything that seems confusing there is still confusing to all of us. Location is unknown.

Currently in LA, watching Rachel, as instructed by 15over15 in a package sent to him yesterday. The package also contained a War Spy Device as he calls it. Currently out with Rachel Garage Sale browsing.

A student, doing videoblogs as an assignment, and living in LA. Involved in a car accident when she was 9, leaving her an orphan. Grew up with her grandmother. Currently worried about the results of an STD test after finding out her boyfriend had been cheating on her. Met up with Linc in a park when he was following her, and took a liking to him. Currently out with Linc garage sale browsing. Has an appointment at the clinic later.

Maddison Atkins (see summary of Ch1 article on this blog)

Doing her thesis in Film on the murder of Maddison Atkins. Living in Nacogdoches, TX. Contacted by 15over15 directly through a drop in London retrieved yesterday. Drop instructed her to "keep her camera on." Currently in Rusk, TX, checking out a strange church ( Interviewed Duke Johnson, the best friend of Joel Frady (Maddison's killer), this morning.

Adam Lamar
A journalist, or at least editor of the Pine Log. Didn't run Maddison's story when it happened, but wanted to run a case of 10 girls at a CD release party disappearing then waking up with what appeared to be signs of blood donation, or extraction. Currently the acting "bodyguard" of Clara as they are in Rusk at the church together. Was present for the interviewing of both Cynthia Frady and Duke Johnson.

Duke Johnson
Joel Frady's close friend. Was supposed to be fishing with Frady the weekend Frady disappeared and Maddison was murdered. Thinks something fishy is up. Drives a truck for a mobile blood unit. Asks Clara and Adam if they want to make a donation.

Cynthia and Bethany Frady
Cynthia Frady is Joel Frady's ex wife. Early in their reltionship, before they were married, Cynthia became pregnant with Bethany. When Bethany was born, Cynthia took off and left Joel with his daughter alone for 6 months. When she returned, Joel took her back in graciously without question. The soon wed, and were married for 8 years. After the relationship lost its luster, and became platonic, Cynthia realised she needed more from a partner. Joel and Cynthia filed for divorce and Joel kept Bethany. In the interview with Clara, Cynthia made it very clear that her opinion is that Joel Frady is not capable of doing anything that he has been accused of; he hates pigeons, doesn't know anyone outside of his district, and could not kill two innocents in cold blood. Bethany Frady is now 10 years old. Shortly after Joel's incarceration at Skyview, an undisclosed source informed Cynthia that Bethany has a trust fund set up for her, accessible when she turns 18. Cynthia keeps this information to herself so that people do not bother her for the money.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Maddison Atkins ARG Videos

Ch 1 - maddisonatkins, warpylol

Ch 2 - amblyopianne

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Maddison Atkins - Ch 1 Summary

Need to catch up on Maddision Atkins?

See the following thread on for a detailed summary with links for Ch. 1 of Maddison Atkins...

~ QtheC

Friday, May 4, 2007

Message to Zipp

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LG15 TODAY has added this Maddison Atkins page to extend its a collaborative fan project so please participate.