Friday, May 4, 2007

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Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Click To Light

Maddison Atkins ARG,
Tribute and Questions for PM Jeromy Barber

Also available on YouTube: "Click To Light"

~originally posed by QtheC

Maddis Atkins PM talks to fans.

See the following threads on the forums for more information about Jeromy Barber, the Puppet Master behind the Maddison Atkins ARG:

Warning: For ARG TINAG* purists, who prefer NOT to look "behind the curtain" the content of these posts and replies are, in the words of Jeromy, "as Out Of Game as OOG can be." This is what is known as a Meta-game discussion.

Jeromy writes:

This chapter of our story is over, and I'd like to briefly "step out from behind the curtain" and field some questions from the community. Because of the unexpected vested interest in Maddison herself, I felt it the very least I could do.

Jeromy also invites fans to ask questions:
So here's what I propose, please video your questions (1 question per video please), post them on You Tube, post the link here, in kind, I will video the actors, myself, or Whiskey responding to them, and post the links here.

Additional Info:

*ARG = Alternate Reality Game
*TINAG = This is not a Game (meaning pretend it is real and there is no puppet master behind the scenes).

See for more information about ARG terminology and approaches.

~originally posed by QtheC

LG15 TODAY has added this Maddison Atkins page to extend its a collaborative fan project so please participate.