Sunday, July 22, 2007

15over15 Characters / Links

(text by Marlasinger, links by QtheC, and soon Modelmotion will update I'm sure...)

Little is known beyond the fact that he has contacted both Linc and Clara. will explain as much as I can; anything that seems confusing there is still confusing to all of us. Location is unknown.

Currently in LA, watching Rachel, as instructed by 15over15 in a package sent to him yesterday. The package also contained a War Spy Device as he calls it. Currently out with Rachel Garage Sale browsing.

A student, doing videoblogs as an assignment, and living in LA. Involved in a car accident when she was 9, leaving her an orphan. Grew up with her grandmother. Currently worried about the results of an STD test after finding out her boyfriend had been cheating on her. Met up with Linc in a park when he was following her, and took a liking to him. Currently out with Linc garage sale browsing. Has an appointment at the clinic later.

Maddison Atkins (see summary of Ch1 article on this blog)

Doing her thesis in Film on the murder of Maddison Atkins. Living in Nacogdoches, TX. Contacted by 15over15 directly through a drop in London retrieved yesterday. Drop instructed her to "keep her camera on." Currently in Rusk, TX, checking out a strange church ( Interviewed Duke Johnson, the best friend of Joel Frady (Maddison's killer), this morning.

Adam Lamar
A journalist, or at least editor of the Pine Log. Didn't run Maddison's story when it happened, but wanted to run a case of 10 girls at a CD release party disappearing then waking up with what appeared to be signs of blood donation, or extraction. Currently the acting "bodyguard" of Clara as they are in Rusk at the church together. Was present for the interviewing of both Cynthia Frady and Duke Johnson.

Duke Johnson
Joel Frady's close friend. Was supposed to be fishing with Frady the weekend Frady disappeared and Maddison was murdered. Thinks something fishy is up. Drives a truck for a mobile blood unit. Asks Clara and Adam if they want to make a donation.

Cynthia and Bethany Frady
Cynthia Frady is Joel Frady's ex wife. Early in their reltionship, before they were married, Cynthia became pregnant with Bethany. When Bethany was born, Cynthia took off and left Joel with his daughter alone for 6 months. When she returned, Joel took her back in graciously without question. The soon wed, and were married for 8 years. After the relationship lost its luster, and became platonic, Cynthia realised she needed more from a partner. Joel and Cynthia filed for divorce and Joel kept Bethany. In the interview with Clara, Cynthia made it very clear that her opinion is that Joel Frady is not capable of doing anything that he has been accused of; he hates pigeons, doesn't know anyone outside of his district, and could not kill two innocents in cold blood. Bethany Frady is now 10 years old. Shortly after Joel's incarceration at Skyview, an undisclosed source informed Cynthia that Bethany has a trust fund set up for her, accessible when she turns 18. Cynthia keeps this information to herself so that people do not bother her for the money.


Lola said...

In Rachel's first video it says she's working in LA for the summer and it was either that or helping out with the blueberry festival. Guess what city in Texas has a big blueberry festival.

Kelly said...

marla you did a great job!

stevemedigod said...

What about William Arscott, the thesis advisor? He seems to be straddling the line between real-life professor and IG character- He's listed on the faculty page at SFA

LG15 TODAY has added this Maddison Atkins page to extend its a collaborative fan project so please participate.